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Hand forged Viking Seax - Leif

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Brand - Madhammers

Perfect sharpness - Thanks to a high quality of our craft, this knife stays sharp for a long time and doesn´t get damaged easily.

Each knife is unique - Our knives are hand forged from spring steel with a blade that can´t be bent. They are made by the combined work of a blacksmith, forge, hammer and anvil.

Leather sheath - Each knife comes with a sheath, hand made from high quality leather.

Attention to detail - Each ornament, handle wrap, decoration and detail is made by our master blacksmiths which turns our knives into works of art.

The perfect gift - If you are looking for a gift, why not combine beauty with functionality. Give this knife to your friends or loved ones and you will be thanked a hundred times.

Two-year warranty - We offer the best  quality along with the best customer service! You will get a two year warranty on each product.

!CAUTION! Our knives are made out of spring steel which makes them extremely durable but prone to rusting if you don´t maintain them correctly. Wipe the blade with oil (WD-40 for example) 2 - 4 times a year (more if the blade is near water or damp places) to prevent rusting.



Overall Length - 27cm / 10.63 inches

Blade Length - 14cm / 5.51 inches

Blade Width - 2.5cm / 0.98 inches

Weight - 395g / 0.87lb

Material - 14260 Spring Steel

Includes leather sheath

Due to the knife being hand made, dimensions and weight might differ slightly.