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Hand Forged small Round Viking Shield

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Brand - MadHammers

Forged by Master Blacksmiths - Our shields are hand made from high quality materials with the combined work of our blackmiths and saddlers with over 10 years of experience in their craft.

Extremely Durable - Due to hand forging, high quality materials and durable construction, this shield can withstand many hits without getting damaged.

A Must have for collectors - The combination of hand forging, the quality of our craft and the overall appearance makes this shield a must have in any collectors collection.

A Unique Gift - If you are looking for a gift, why surprise your loved ones with something unique that will make everyone´s hearts beat faster.

Two-year warranty - We offer the best  quality along with the best customer service! You will get a two year warranty on each product.



Overall Diameter - 40cm / 15.74 inches

Thickness - 1.3cm / 0.51 inches

Weight - 2.5kg / 5.51 lbs

Material - 14260 Spring Steel

Due to the shield being hand made, dimensions and weight might differ slightly.

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