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Hand forged Celtic three-finger knife

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Brand - Madhammers

Hand forged by master blacksmiths - This beautiful three-finger knife was forged from spring steel by our blacksmiths with over 10 years of experience in their craft. This gives you an assurance, that you won´t have to fear of damaging it or needing to resharpen often.

Very sharp and durable - Hand forging and the precise work of the blacksmiths guarantees that you knife will arrive sharp with a blade that will keep its edge for a long time.

Leather Sheath - With this knife, you will get a beautiful, decorated sheath, hand made from real beef leather that will protect your knife from outside elements when you are not using it.

A unique gift - If you want to surprise your loved ones with an original gift, give them this knife that will not only amaze them with its appearance, but you will also give them a gift they can use.

Two year warranty - We offer the best quality with  the best customer service! You get a two year warranty on this knife!

This practical knife with two finger holes that will fit three fingers is a usefull tool for everyday jobs. If needed, you can put your thumb on the back of the knife to get more accuracy.

!CAUTION! Our knives are made out of spring steel which makes them extremely durable but prone to rusting if you don´t maintain them correctly. Wipe the blade with oil (WD-40 for example) 2 - 4 times a year (more if the blade is near water or damp places) to prevent rusting.

!CAUTION! Our knives are not meant for children under the age of 18 due to risk of injury.



Overall length - 14cm / 5,512inch

Blade length -6,3cm / 2,48inch

Blade width - 3cm / 1,181inch

Weight - 39g / 0.08 lbs

Material - Pružinová ocel 14260

Includes a leather sheath.

Due to the knife being hand forged, dimensions and weight may differ slightly.

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