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Hand forged Camping Axe

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Brand - Madhammers

Perfect sharpness
 - Thanks to a high quality of our craft, this Axe stays sharp for a long time and doesn´t get damaged easily.

Each Axe is unique - Our Axes are hand forged from spring steel with a blade that can´t be bent. They are made by the combined work of a blacksmith, forge, hammer and anvil.

Leather sheath - Each axe comes with a sheath, hand made from high quality leather.

Attention to detail - Each ornament, decoration and detail is made by our master blacksmiths which turns our axes into works of art.

The perfect gift - If you are looking for a gift, why not combine beauty with functionality. Give this axe to your friends or loved ones and you will be thanked a hundred times.

Two-year warranty - We offer the best  quality along with the best customer service! You will get a two year warranty on each product.

!CAUTION! Our axes are made out of spring steel which makes them extremely durable but prone to rusting if you don´t maintain them correctly. Wipe the axe head with oil (WD-40 for example) 2 - 4 times a year (more if the axe is near water or damp places) to prevent rusting.

!CAUTION! Our Axes are not meant for children under the age of 18 due to risk of injury.



Overall Length - 19.9cm / 7.87 inches

Axe Head Length - 6.4cm / 2.52 inches

Axe Head Thickness - 1.5cm / 0.60 inches

Weight - 430g / 0.94lb

Material - 14260 Spring Steel

Includes leather sheath

Due to the Axe being hand made, dimensions and weight might differ slightly.


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