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Power Flame natural wood pelets from 100% Alder 9 + 1 kg

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Remarkable flavor of real American BBQ
Perfectly dried wood in pelets is extremely effective and leaves very little ash after grilling. The amazing aroma from burnt wood will infuse itself into the meat and give it an unforgetable flavor of real American BBQ.

Unrivalled flavor

Don´t use gas or charcoal, wooden pelets from Power Flame offer unrivalled clean flavor from wood, for you to enjoy every piece of your meal.

Great for grilling

These pelets are great for grilling of chicken, beef, pork, lamb, fish and vegetables.

High quality wood
Alder wood has a very light aroma with a hint of sweetness and doesn´t contain any chemical additives. It very easily gets lit and quickly achieves and holds an optimal temperature for a perfect outcome from grilling.

Made in the EU
These high quality wood pelets are made in the EU from pressed organic material which makes them a great ecological biofuel with which you will achieve an amazing flavor of meat.

Power Flame
Certified European distributor of high quality wood pelets. Since 2015, Power Flame has been a reliable and long term supplier of wood pelets to customers in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Poland.

What are wood pelets?
Wood pelets are made in pelet factories by pressing on moulding presses. The material is pressed under high pressure through small round holes, during this time it gets heated to around 100 ºC / 212 ºF. Natural wood pelets retain all qualities of grilling on regular wood but also offer absolute comfort with effortless lighting of fire and adding more fuel. All that is required, is to fill the grills magazine with pelets and leave adding fuel to the grill itself. Another great feature of wood pelets is their low consumption, for comparison during smoking on wood, you use 5x to 10x more wood than pelets.

Burn time:
When grilling on high setting - 1 hour = about 1 kg/ 2,2 lb
When grilling on medium setting - 1 hour = about 0,5 kg / 1,1 lb
When grilling on low setting - 1 hour = about 0,25 kg / 0,55 lb

!CAUTION!  Keep away from children, not designed for consumption, store in a dry place, keep away from direct sunlight and moisture, avoid contact with water during manipulation

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