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 A cup of our coffee from Nicaragua will brighten your smile in every situation. It is suitable as morning coffee to light up a new day, as well as an afternoon cup to relax.

Jinotega plantations are located on a volcanic bedrock and produce about 80% of all coffee in Nicaragua.

The plantations are located at a higher altitude of 1200-1400m.nm (SHG - Strictly High Grown)

Roast coffee from Nicaragua slowly to the degree of roasting City +. Its taste is balanced, full of fruit flavors with mild, fresh acidity.

NorthCoffee - an original roastery, which was created by the idea of ​​two friends over a cup of coffee, who liked to discuss, philosophize and drink this popular drink. They were so enchanted by the taste of freshly roasted coffee, its aroma and taste that they were absorbed in the world of roasters. This was followed by a period of rehearsal and experimentation, tasting with friends and discovering different flavors of coffee from his own roastery. After great interest in their roasted coffee and the recommendation of friends and acquaintances, they started distributing freshly roasted coffee with a delicious taste. Their incredible desire to offer other drinkers a delicious drink from their experience of excellent roasted coffee has become a reality.
So don't hesitate and taste the best roasted coffee from the NorthCoffe roastery!

A few tips on how to make our coffee:

It is best to store the coffee in a dark, dry place with a balanced temperature and try not to leave the coffee beans in the air and light for too long. Always make sure that the bag is closed properly.

Grind the coffee beans only when you are ready to make coffee, to ensure the best freshness. The water temperature should be around 90 ° C, within a tolerance of + - 5 ° C. Boiling water is undesirable and can degrade the result.

Ingredients: Made from 100% specially selected Arabic beans
Roasted and packaged in the Czech Republic
For coffee machines and electric or hand coffee grinders
Light roasting, delicate and balanced taste
Scope of delivery 1 x 1,000 g package of whole coffee beans


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