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Handmade set C1 - hand-forged knife, genuine cowhide wristband and keyfob

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Brand - Madhammers

UNIQUE SET: Hand-forged Celtic pocket knife Toferner, keyfob made of genuine cowhide and leather decorated bracelet from our workshop with a Celtic motif. The simple and elegant design attracts curious glances.

HIGH QUALITY HAND WORK:  Our knives are hand forged from high-quality spring steel.  The leather handle and leather sheath are made of genuine leather.  You can use the loop to attach it to a belt or put it in the sheath. The wristband and keyfob are also made of genuine cowhide. Only high-quality materials are used to make our products.

LOVERS OF THE PAST - Unfortunately no time machine can take you back in time, but you can still feel like being in antiquity by holding this knife! Just facing its hand forged design and the genuine leather case, will take your mind away!

HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - This knife is forged from one solid piece of steel and has been given an excellent heat treatment l scale hardness. Constructed to last and designed to perform, each knife features a semi-razor sharp edge, so it can be used for a variety of practical applications.

THE PERFECT PRESENT IDEA FOR ART LOVERS - Are you once again in the pursuit of the ideal present? Offer this gift and you will be remembered for your choice! A vintage valuable can always been proudly used as a unique ornament!

FEEL CONFIDENT FOR YOUR PURCHASE - Toferner offers the best quality and the best customer service as well! With money back guarantee, 2 years of warranty and replacement policy, you have every good reason to place your order now!

Celtic knife with solid blade, hand forged, 14260 spring steel. Includes a leather sheath you can hang around your neck. Historically women would wear this knife around their neck for protection. Suitable for recreation, hunting and fishing. As the blade stays sharp for a long time, it is also suitable for hiking or camping.

An elegant wristband made of genuine cowhide, hand decorated with striking elements. The wristband bears the symbol of a spiral and knot, and is 24 cm long and 3 cm wide. Leather jewellery, in particular wristbands, are some of the oldest types of jewellery and have never lost their popularity, mainly due to their accessibility, low price, robustness and wearer comfort. Simple style and timeless design are a perfect description for this wristband, with snap fasteners and possibility to adjust its length. Thanks to the high standard of craftsmanship and excellent quality of the materials, the wristband is very robust and goes well with any style of dress. This wristband suits everyone!

Original keyfob made of genuine cowhide with symbol of a spiral or Celtic knots. The keyfob is 4 cm wide and 7 cm long. The stainless-steel ring has a diameter of 2.5 cm.

Celtic spiral symbol - “triskelion” - its power comes from the ring of life. Spirals represent infinity, eternity, and the constantly repeating events in the universe, the planet and nature. In the life of a man, it represents the symbol of a journey into one’s own inner space, the symbol of self-realisation and sexual awakening. The spiral has very powerful harmonising and calming effects. Today the Celtic spiral is used for healing, for augmenting and directing energy, and for eliminating harmful radiation.

Celtic knots - we view the symbol of the knot as the use of keys on a spiritual journey. Celtic knots are ancient symbols of fate, mysteries, and the secrets of nature. They are an expression of self-determination. They symbolise interlinkage (with the soul and the sub-conscious), a link and connection with protective forces.

Includes leather sheath

!CAUTION! Our knives are made of spring steel, which makes them very robust. We recommend that the blade be treated with oil (such as WD-40) two to four times a year (more often if the blade is near water or in damp places) to prevent rusting.

!CAUTION! Our knives are not meant for children under the age of 18 due to risk of injury.



Overall Length - 8,6 cm /3,386 inches

Blade Length - 5 cm / 1,97 inches

Blade Width - 2.5 cm / 0,984 inches

Weight - 42g / 0.09lb

Material - 14260 Spring Steel

Due to the knife being hand made, dimensions and weight might differ slightly.

As the knife is handmade, the dimensions and weight can vary slightly. The sheath is also hand dyed, which means that the shade of the leather may also vary slightly.


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